Converting audio-only podcast episodes to YouTube videos?

I thought converting my audio-only podcasts to YouTube video was going to be easy peasy, but no. I have tried video converters, video editing tools and looked at a bunch of tutorials. Has anyone found an easy, free (yes, I am cheap) way to convert a wav or mp3 file to something that the Kingdom of Youtube will allow through its gates?

Marie Labrie posted to Video on

  • JA profile image

    about 5 months ago

    Not free, but probably the easiest is to pay once $70 for Filmora. It’s simple to use. You just need to convert the file to an MP4. The best thing is to start doing a video podcast. Very few people are going to listen and watch a static image. You will need to do thumbnails anyways. You can get royalty free images from pixabay, pexels, or Unsplash. Canva is a place where you can make thumbnails that’s free.

  • RP profile image

    about 5 months ago

    To turn audio into video, you have to add a visual proponent. In video softwares you can add media, and you can stack audio and images on top of each other. What you want to do is line up the image with the music and stretch it so they’re the same length. This way, the image and audio will play simultaneously. I use a free software called Clipchamp, it’s very user friendly.

  • DM profile image

    about 5 months ago

    Either select a YouTube distribution option if you already host with someone like Podbean or Libsyn that supports this or learn a free video editing software (no need to pay for Filmora etc). Openshot is a very simple free editor or use something like DaVinci Resolve that’s also free but way more complicated. You upload the photo as media for one track and your audio as the other. Stretch the photo out to the length of the audio track and then go and render the video as .mp4.

  • JJ

    about 5 months ago

    You can't directly convert audio to video because there's no actual video or image component to it. As others have suggested, you can use a free movie maker app, put your podcast as the audio, and either use stock b-roll footage or a static image (maybe your cover art) and export that as a video. It's still relatively easy, but not as easy as just clicking a "convert" button.

  • AA profile image

    about 5 months ago

    Literally just go into movie maker and put a picture of your logo and use your mp3 as the sound. Done deal.

  • PN profile image

    about 5 months ago

    If you want something as simple as a static picture with the audio playing, iMovie on a Mac would do the job just fine. Drag the audio and picture in and export as a movie. You'd need to do each one individually but it'd work fine.

  • GP

    about 5 months ago

    Use Davinci Resolve and create a video with your audio podcast as backing music. Grab some cool pics and extend them from 5 seconds to 30 mins, what ever floats your boat really. I did this with my old shows and now dual record each podcast as a mp3 for the podcast platform but also direct into DR18 so I can create a YT show each day.