Recently I started a Tik-Tok, and also posted my videos on Facebook and Instagram and got amazing results!

After just two days I got over 2,000 impressions on my content without spending any money on ads. Short-Form content is by far the most effective way to grow a personal or business brand, especially if you make long-form content like podcasts, youtube videos, or twitch streams. In today’s social media climate, it is essential to growth to post on platforms like these. I would love to hear your guys’ experience with making short-form content, and any questions you have for me!

Tommy Chrys posted to Growth on

  • PN profile image

    about 4 months ago

    How many of those actually downloaded your episodes and subscribed to your podcast ? That’s the only metric that matters to me as I’m trying to get off social media (in my case less than 1% actually subscribed so it wasn’t worth it) I’m only saying this because I can’t outsource that part yet, the day I can do that it won’t be a question anymore 🙂

  • CL

    about 4 months ago

    TikTok is 100% the reason my podcast has great #'s. I do have a large following so of course that's why. But it definitely can help. But hasn't helped me much on YouTube so far. So it's hit and miss. I recommend YT Shorts especially since they will start paying creators in February.

  • SV profile image

    about 4 months ago

    I haven't made short form content nor do I plan to be on social media outside Facebook groups.

  • TG

    about 4 months ago

    Instagram has driven a lot of people to my podcasts and I saw jumps in my stats when I made very successful posts. I'm about to do a teaching Friday episode on the Smart Passive Income Podcast so look out for that if you want a tutorial

  • CS

    about 4 months ago

    What types of posts are you posting on social? I'm an audio only podcast so how can I post to social and make it effective for growth