What pricing model do you prefer for your podcast hosting? Why?

Some hosting plans are tiered by the downloads/bandwidth (Captivate, Transistor, Castos).

Some hosting plans are tiered by the file uploads (Libsyn & Blubrry).

Some hosting plans are tiered by the hours of audio (Buzzcast).

While others call everything unlimited but tier it based on "extra" or "advanced" features (adv stats, video, private pods, branding removal, monetization, etc) (Podbean, SimpleCast, Pinecast, Redcircle)

Then there's extra nuance in a lot of those plans. Some allow for multiple podcast feeds while most are single feeds per plan.

Blake Thom posted to Podcast Hosting on

  • DM profile image

    about 4 months ago

    Most hosting companies have a clause in T&Cs along the lines of "fair usage" that shows that if your downloads (aka bandwidth) is unpalatable to them they can tweak your pricing. So, any one of the ones who do have that in the T&Cs are operating in the "tiered by download" bracket without saying, really, that they are. That's why we chose the transparent model with Captivate (I'm the founder). Here's the example from Libsyn's T&Cs: "Libsyn offers professional level service (libsynpro.com) for enterprise networks and corporate customers. Libsynpro offers advanced features, network management and support for more robust storage and bandwidth requirements. Libsyn may at its discretion request that accounts be moved to libsynpro or charge additional fees for customers utilizing Service at levels equivalent to an enterprise networks and corporate account." Now, there's NOTHING wrong with any of the models at all - most industries operate in so many different ways so it's just about choosing the one that suits you. All reputable hosting companies are good people and you're in great hands with any of them. Good luck with your podcasting 🙂

    • GP

      about 4 months ago

      Dumb question Dan and I totally understand if you don't want to go into the details. But does it actually cost you more the more downloads a podcast has, or is that just the metric you use to price the service?

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      about 4 months ago

      Never a silly question! Yeah it does, bandwidth transfer costs money which is why some hosts encode your files to a lower quality (smaller files = less bandwidth transfer) - our model is quite literally the most open and fairest one there is which is why we chose it.