What’s some great equipment for a podcast?

I’m just starting out with a Mac book Air and a cell phone camera. All suggestions help….

Crystal Lash posted to Podcasting Equipment on

  • DM profile image

    about 5 months ago

    Whatever you get, make sure that you will be able to take it to the next level. Case in point, if you plan on doing a lot of field recording get a Zoom H5, you can upgrade it and it grows with your podcast. You haven't given us any details about what you are going to do or where you want to go, there are a number of good coaches out there that can send you on a good path. If you don't have the money to pay for that then listen to their shows ie the school of Podcasting, Ask the Podcast coach, the audacity to podcast, podcast me anything, the podcast engineering school.

  • JC

    about 5 months ago

    My suggestion is to use what you got to make sure this is something you want to spend money on. I've seen too many people buy all this fancy equipment then lose interest in the show for whatever reason. I know that's probably not the answer you're looking for but it's real talk.

  • AA profile image

    about 5 months ago

    I have a cohosh in another state and we interview author in the US, Canada, and Australia. We use headphones from Samson, Q2 Samson mic, and Zencastr for recording. Editing in Hindenburg and then Descript. If you have a good mic and software, you don't need a mixer.

  • PN profile image

    about 5 months ago

    Make sure your mic a condenser. Yeti is great , but only has USB connection!

  • TG

    about 5 months ago

    I got onto Amazon and ordered a podcast kit. I also got a webcam and its been really nice quality!!