What's your experience with making short-form content?

Recently I started a Tik-Tok, and also posted my videos on Facebook and Instagram. After just two days I got over 2,000 impressions on my content without spending any money on ads. Short-Form content is by far the most effective way to grow a personal or business brand, especially if you make long-form content like podcasts, youtube videos, or twitch streams. In today’s social media climate, it is essential to growth to post on platforms like these.

Tommy C posted to Growth on

  • NM profile image

    about 5 months ago

    TikTok is 100% the reason my podcast has great #'s. I do have a large following so of course that's why. But it definitely can help. But hasn't helped me much on YouTube so far. So it's hit-and-miss. I recommend YT Shorts especially since they will start paying creators in February.

  • PN profile image

    about 5 months ago

    Instagram has driven a lot of people to my podcasts and I saw jumps in my stats when I made very successful posts. I'm about to do a teaching Friday episode on the Smart Passive Income Podcast so look out for that if you want a tutorial

  • DM profile image

    about 5 months ago

    How many of those actually downloaded your episodes and subscribed to your podcast? That’s the only metric that matters to me as I’m trying to get off social media (in my case less than 1% actually subscribed so it wasn’t worth it) I’m only saying this because I can’t outsource that part yet, the day I can do that it won’t be a question anymore 🙂

  • CL

    about 5 months ago

    2000 isn't a lot for that style, I'm regularly getting 3-5 thousand on 3 to 4 shorts a day each on Youtube, but even there, it isn't translating to views on videos on the same channel. Think about the mechanism of how that content is served. Its low brain power. Personally, as a viewer, I prefer long form content with depth, and I always feel like I've wasted time when I watch that style of short form. Other people will exclusively watch short form. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying don't post the content, definitely do, but in my personal experience, the exposure from short form is less effective than other types of promotion, even with fewer impressions.

    • TC

      about 5 months ago

      The conversion rate is certainly low on short-form content, but it makes up for that through the pure scale you can achieve. A piece of long-form content will never get a million views in a day. The potential that short-form content has is nearly infinite.

    • RP profile image

      about 5 months ago

      you are right. The growth potential is huge. It’s audience building. When people become fans of you, they look at your profile, they look up what else you do. It’s basically one of the best free forms of advertising.