Where are people having success advertising their podcast these days?

I've tried Facebook ads for a few podcasts and they just don't seem to translate into listeners. We also didn't have much results from Spotify ads. Are there any platforms which are delivering for you?

Crystal Lyyn posted to Marketing on

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    about 5 months ago

    You can repurpose each episode into micro content. Create an outline of what was discussed in the podcast and break it down into key headings for a blog post (1,200 words). Create some static images with your brand and insert quotes from the podcast using canva. Resize the images for feed and stories. Take the key steps from your podcast and make slides in canva that you can easily convert to animations. You can resize these in canva for posts and stories. Create a video snippet from the best audio part of the podcast and use a tool like Headliner (has a free version) to make it stand out on Facebook and Instagram. From each episode you should make micro content and post it on Facebook, Instagram and other places like Twitter.

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    about 5 months ago

    Pinterest! You create a board for your podcast and create pins that link back to the episodes on your website. This way Pinterest can drive organic traffic to your website. It helps if you have a blog too or at least some good show notes you can repurpose into a blog post.

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    about 5 months ago

    When we started out I was running a general Facebook ad for $3 to grow our social media followers on specifically Instagram and it helped us out massively. A lot of people think Facebook ads don’t work but you NEED to have good copy, an eye catching image/graphic, and proper targeting

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    about 5 months ago

    Do you have a marketing strategy in place? Have you created your primary and secondary audience personas to get an idea of how and where to target them? How much time have you spent on your branding, copy, and the ad itself? Advertising, organic or paid, can work, but it involves some trial and error. It involves strategy and knowing how to adapt based on what's working and what isn't. If you haven't had any success with ads so far, it's probably one of three things: - the audience you're looking for isn't found where you've advertised - the ad and copy aren't engaging/don't draw the audience's attention - the ads aren't being targeted well enough to get in front of the audience you're seeking

  • GP

    about 5 months ago

    I have huge success with Facebook ads to my niche. But don't expect it to work for you without taking the time to learn how to do them right and doing plenty of testing to learn. You should have a website as your hub too.